Fixed Speed Motor Starter

Fixed Speed Motor Starter

Intelligent third-party machine control

Ideal for both retrofits and new installations, the Fixed-Speed Motor Starter makes it possible to integrate third-party rigging systems (for example, line shaft and drum winches, curtain motors, projection screens and banner hoists) with ETC Prodigy® hoist solutions; unified under the control of ETC's QuickTouch® or Foundation® families of rigging controllers.

This small, stand-alone unit is easily installed in place of old motor-control equipment using preexisting wiring - it even supplies power to any of the QuickTouch® family controllers.  

Product Features

  • Can control any three-phase motor that complies with ANSI E1.6-1
  • Local manual control
  • Local power circuit breaker and motor overload protection relay
  • Input for four travel limit switches
  • Fully-enclosed, rugged all-steel construction
  • Limit switch override for straight forward and safe inspection
  • 208V/400V/480V AC, 50Hz/60Hz three-phase motors up to 10hp
  • Hard wired dead man, and E-Stop circuits
  • Individual E-Stop contactor
  • Periodic automatic self-test of all safety circuits
  • Power supply for all QuickTouch controllers
  • Quiet operation, no fan

Optional features

  • Position readout via a variety of sensor inputs: absolute, incremental, and potentiometer
  • Load cell input with load profiling
  • Overload switch will stop movement in overload condition
  • Position sensor will allow position display and presets