Branch Circuit ELTS

Product Name

Simple. Powerful. Safe.

The SC1008 is the first branch circuit emergency lighting transfer switch (BCELTS) of its kind and is designed to transfer a single lighting circuit up to 20A from one power source to another during a power failure or other emergency situation. ETC's rugged construction and fail-safe circuitry are UL 1008 LISTED for North American emergency lighting applications where life safety is an issue.   

2017 changes to the National Electric Code (NEC) article 700 clearly define requirements for devices that can be used for emergency transfer of branch circuits. Most existing products do not meet these fault-current rating and endurance requirements.

SC1008 does.

Product Name

The SC1008 takes a normal feed, a normal sense, and an emergency feed for a single 20A circuit (120V or 277V) to power a normal/emergency load. When normal power is lost, mechanically held relays transfer both hot and neutral poles while preventing inadvertent connection of normal and emergency circuits. It also features a fire alarm input and a signal disconnect relay for emergency control bypass of 0-10V or DALI fixtures.

Simple. Powerful. Safe. The BCELTS gives you full ELTS functionality and safety at a fraction of the cost of a larger panel.

Product Features

  • UL1008 listed to transfer a single 20A circuit at 120V or 277V
  • Field configurable fire alarm input can be normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C)
  • Low voltage relay breaks a 0-10V or DALI loop sending the drivers to full in an emergency state
  • Standard push button and laser test options
  • Automatically transfers load from Normal power to Emergency power
  • Automatically transfers back to Normal power when restored

Ratings and Approvals

UL Listing

  • ANSI/UL 1008 Branch Circuit Emergency Lighting Transfer Switch for use in Emergency Systems (Category code WPWR)

cUL Listing

  • ANSI/UL 1008 Emergency Lighting Transfer Switch for use in Emergency Systems (Category code WPWR)

National Electrical Code (NFPA 70):

Satisfies requirements of:

  • Article 700 - Emergency Systems
  • Section 700.25 Branch Circuit Emergency Lighting Transfer Switch
  • Article 701 - Legally Required Standby Systems
  • Article 702 - Optional Standby Systems
  • Section 518.3(C)- Assembly Occupancies
  • Section 520.7 - Theatres and Similar Locations
  • Section 540.11(C) - Motion Picture Projection Rooms

Complies with Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems (ANSI/NFPA 110)