ColorSource Relay

ColorSource Relay

The ColorSource Relay

Wireless control for tight budgets

No longer will you need to run DMX cables to your front-of-house lighting positions, which takes hours of work, can be expensive, and looks unsightly. The ColorSource™ Relay Multiverse Receiver is the answer: a low-cost and revolutionary wireless power control solution that switches power and easily transmits DMX to remote or hard-to-reach places in any space. It’s ideal for small- to medium-sized venues like community centers, university theaters, houses of worship and schools.

Transforming small system design
  • Wireless DMX, switching, and data
  • Plug-and-play connectivity for lightning-fast setup
  • Mitigates system wear and tear, and extends equipment life
  • Reduces quiescent loads of connected devices to only ¼ watt

Turn on your console and you’re ready to go!

By creating a simple and straightforward user experience, the wireless ColorSource Relay Multiverse Receiver makes your show setup and teardown nearly effortless. The ColorSource Relay receives wireless DMX signals and automatically enables power switching and DMX for up to 16 amps of power. After you turn off your DMX controller – such as your lighting console – the ColorSource waits several seconds before automatically turning off all connected devices.

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SHoW Baby Multiverse

The wireless City Theatrical Multiverse® SHoW Baby is an essential part of the ColorSource Relay system*. The Multiverse SHoW Baby connects to hard-wired DMX and automatically sends wireless DMX to any ColorSource Relay Multiverse Receiver within a 328-foot (100-meter) range. Both the Multiverse SHoW Baby and ColorSource Relay require minimal setup and zero programming before use. Simply take them out of the box, plug them in and your new relay system is fully operational!

Mount it here, there… or anywhere!

The ColorSource Relay can be easily mounted to the yoke on any ETC LED fixture with a universal mounting bracket. Other mounting options including a pipe-mount L bracket and wall-mount bracket.

Intelligent and budget-friendly technology

Troubleshooting is convenient with the ColorSource Relay. LEDs on the body of the relay indicate status, such as power, relay state, DMX presence and signal quality, giving you insight into the connectivity of your lighting system. Backed by ETC’s industry-leading customer service, you can be assured your investment will support you for years to come.

The ColorSource Relay is also available in a hardwired version with a DMX-via-XLR5 connection.

Product features

  • PowerCon connections and universal power support
  • Zero-cross relay minimizes inrush at turn-on to connected fixtures
  • Automated power sequencing
  • Automated system turn-off
  • Wireless DMX transport
  • Reporting of relay state and connected load
  • RDM feedback and configuration

* ColorSource Relay Multiverse Receivers are also compatible for use with SHoW DMX SHoW Baby transceivers and ETC ColorSource Relay Transmitters (discontinued). Multiverse functionality is only available when paired with Multiverse SHoW Baby or other Multiverse products.