One tool,
all the apps.

A purpose-built tablet
for your ETC control systems.

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One tool, all the apps.

A purpose-built tablet for your ETC control systems

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Purpose built

Control and configuration apps have become an integral part of modern lighting control systems. Unlike consumer tablets, ETCpad is designed specifically as an accessory for your ETC lighting system. Rather than depending on an internet connection and an individual’s store account, apps are loaded and updated via UpdaterAtor.

Wired support

ETCpad can connect to your lighting network wirelessly, but for mission critical situations, many users prefer a wired connection. For this, ETCpad offers a built-in RJ45 connector as standard.

Facilities friendly

Big spaces require big control. Technical staff at your facility can use a fleet of ETCpad tablets to configure and control connected systems. The ETCpad multi-tablet charger provides a central housing location for your facility to charge and store your devices.

Supported ETC apps

aRFR Icon
Eos Focus Remotes

Provide mobile access for any Eos family lighting system (Eos, Eos Ti, Gio, Gio @5, Ion, Element, and Eos/Ion Remote Processors).

Paradigm Mobile Stations Icon
Paradigm Mobile Button Station

Offers a configurable eight-button Paradigm station.

EchoAccess Icon

Provides remote control and configuration of Unison Echo lighting control systems.

Photometry Icon
MyETC: Photometrics

Helps you estimate how an ETC luminaire will perform on stage by providing dynamic photometric and color data.

Paradigm Touchscreen Icon
Paradigm Touchscreen Remote

Allows you to remotely control a Paradigm P-TS7 connected to a wireless access point.

Sensor3 Icon
Sensor3 TPSR

Allows you to monitor and configure your Sensor3 power control system.

Available ETCpad Accessories 

 Multi Tablet Charger
Office Dock
 Other Accessories
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