Gadget II

  • Response Mk2 Gateway   
    Response Mk2 DMX Gateways
    Powerful Data Distribution

    The fixtures in a modern lighting designer’s toolkit have become more data-hungry, and ETC’s Gateways are up to the challenge. Response Mk2 DMX Gateways flawlessly connect your sACN network to your DMX runs, allowing you to put data exactly where you need it, saving headaches, money, and time.


    ETC Concert Software
    Create a symphony of configuration and monitoring

    ETC Concert software combines all of the tools necessary to configure, monitor, and maintain your lighting system and its configuration into a single program. Concert allows you to build and modify configurations for Power Control products, Network gateways and many other ETC products.

    Eos Family   
    Eos Family
    It's called a desk for a reason.

    Eos is more than just a family of industry-leading lighting control hardware. It is your home through long hours of tech, a curated workspace designed to give you comprehensive control of your art – whether you’re controlling conventional lights, color-changing LEDs, or the largest mixed automated and media rigs. With the same software and programming layout throughout the family, you get a consistent experience whenever you sit down behind an Eos console.

    Hog 4 Consoles
    Hog 4 Consoles
    The First Family of Automated Lighting Control

    Hog consoles pioneered the world of large-scale automated lighting control. They have enduring loyalty from programmers worldwide. The Hog 4 was built around the way you work, which leads to legendary ease of use. Its tools are designed for programming efficiency, which means even advanced features like pixel-mapping and plot layout are optimized for programming speed.