Source Four jr

The power of Source Four in a compact and economical size! The smaller-scale Source Four jr uses the same technology that made the standard Source Four famous. That means unsurpassed imaging and beam quality.

Source Four jr

The most light for your money.

Source Four JrCompared to many conventional 650W and 1000W ellipsoidal spotlights, Source Four jr's 575 watts still deliver an even brighter light and offer the flexibility of multiple HPL lamp options and interchangeable lenses. The Source Four jr is perfect for -- but never limited to -- smaller theater venues, churches, schools, industrials, and any other application where affordability, space-savings and great performance are the criteria.

Source Four jr Zoom

Field-angle versatility of a zoom ellipsoidal - in a compact package.

Source Four Jr ZoomIf you're looking for the field-angle versatility of a zoom ellipsoidal with the affordability and design of a smaller fixture, then you're looking for the Source Four jr Zoom. Great for application on the small stage or in clubs, retail events and industrials, the Source Four jr Zoom boasts rugged ETC fixture construction and all the celebrated precision optics of a Source Four.

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Ushio HPL Lamps

USHIO developed the HPL lamps based upon ETC design ideas in 1994, consistently adhering to the original design specifications and minimum parametric variations, such as filament position and spacing, to optimize the output of the Source Four fixture.

USHIO continually worked to improve its HPL design, and in 2002 released the HPL+ with improved filament spacing for increased light distribution as well as a ceramic base for better insulating performance. The Super Long Life (average life of 3000hrs) HPL lamp was developed in 2016 to extend the product lifecycle to the education market and others that had not yet converted to LED. ISO9001 manufacturing standards and strict quality control has ensured a consistent product from USHIO over the past 25 years of HPL production.

HPL LampUSHIO continues to develop and provide a halogen lamp that has traditional color rendering properties as the halogen-to-LED global transition accelerates. Major halogen lamp manufacturers around world are exiting the halogen lamp business, but USHIO is committed to be the top halogen lamp manufacturer as long as there is a need from a market.

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