ColorSource Spot

ColorSource Spot

ColorSource Spot

The ETC ColorSource Spot outperforms other four-color LED profiles, thanks to its precise combination of red, green, blue and lime emitters. This RGBL LED ellipsoidal uses ETC’s extensive color-mixing knowledge to ensure that it can achieve brighter, richer and more believable colors than other budget LED leko fixtures. And it accepts all the Source Four LED accessories, zoom and fixed-focus lens tubes, and CYC and Fresnel adapters. Available in Original, Deep Blue, and Pearl, array options.

Wondering just how bright ColorSource Spot is compared to other four-color theatrical fixtures on the market? Let’s just say that when it comes to lumens per dollar, we’ve got them beat. 

ColorSource Spot Lumens per Dollar

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Guaranteed to last

Paired with ETC’s five-year and ten-year warranty, these theatrical fixtures represent a tremendous fixture for your budget. ETC is testing fixtures beyond the minimum, pushing quality to the max, and transforming how the industry views light.

Install nearly anywhere

The ColorSource Spot is designed to work perfectly with DataTrack Backbone. This strong and stable track lighting solution enables the use of full-sized colored LED spotlights in track lighting installs. DataTrack Backbone is perfect for high-bay installations, or when design applications call for more lumens. 

Looking for more conventional hanging options? Read more about ETC’s standard theatrical solution with ColorSource Raceway, or fully customize your installation with ETC Power Distribution. Consider the raising and lowering options available with a comprehensive package of ETC Rigging solutions.

Full system solutions backed by our reputable 24/7/365 customer support guarantee.