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    About the ColorSource Array options - Original vs. Deep Blue

    Original ColorSource fixtures use an RGB-L array where the ‘B’ represents the use of blue LEDs. ColorSource Deep Blue replaces those blue LEDs with a deeper ‘Royal Blue’ (indigo) LED. How does this impact your color mixing? Please reference the color chart below.

    Original ColorSource fixtures can reach any color within the dark shaded triangle while the ColorSource Deep Blue fixtures can reach any color within the light shaded triangle. While much of these areas overlap, there is a portion of each range that can only be reached by the respective color arrays (A=Original, B=Deep Blue).

    Here is a list of some common gel colors that can only be reached by original ColorSource or ColorSource Deep Blue:

    Common Gels found in original ColorSource Common gels found in ColorSource Deep Blue
    Roscolux Lee Roscolux Lee
    095 363 384 126
    075 119 388 049
    076 721 382 798
      722 059 707
      132 358 181
      141 347 071
      183 049 120
      172 349 716
      325 049