Pro Series Controllers

Product Name

Vortek's Most Popular Rigging Control Solution  

When you need motorized rigging and management of multiple line sets on your stage, the Pro Series controllers provide precision multi-cueing for complex lift sequences and scenery movements at the touch of a button. The Pro Series Vortek Automation Center (VAC®) controller easy-to-use touchscreen controller now includes a 3-part cueing feature allowing the user to quickly and easily initiate a cue while another cue is running. 

Product Name

With the new hand held service pendant, you can verify that the hoist stops at the correct position on the upper and lower limits of travel. The optional pendant also allows direct operation of the lineset in absence of control from the main controller. The pendant interfaces with either the Pro Series or E Series control systems.  


When You Require a User-Friendly, Flexible Control System

The Vortek Automation Center (VAC®) technology synchronizes and handles precision multi-cueing, lift sequences and scenery movements with the touch of a button. Keep your existing controller current with the latest software features from factory online updates. Order the Pro Series controller on a rolling cart or work from a rack-mounted desktop center. Other features of Vortek's most popular controller include:  

  • Full color video touch screen 
  • Menu driven  
  • Interactive HELP screens 
  • Graphic view of all line sets
  • Over/Underload sensing 
  • Electronic grouping functionality 
  • Manual movements 
  • Customize to your needs