QuickTouch+ Controllers

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Product Name

Affordable, user-friendly controls for combination fixed- and variable-speed motors

Like QuickTouch®, QuickTouch+® controllers are very easy to use. Additional features on QuickTouch+ systems allow you to run simple shows without the cost and complexity of a full-blown programmable control system.

The QuickTouch+ control system allows for the control of mixed variable- and fixed-speed hoists. With the speed-adjustment slider, it is possible to set up a specific speed for the next move, or adjust the speed during motion. With five user-recordable positions in combination with speed control, you can easily use this controller to run predictable and repeatable show transitions.

Product Name

The LCD screen displays real time data from the hoists and also displays diagnostics, so you know your system's exact status at any given moment. The QuickTouch+ system also keeps track of its annual inspection schedule and records the usage of each motor (distance traveled, peak load and fault conditions since installation and last inspection). The easy-to-use commissioning-software package automatically produces a system inspection report in PDF format.

Complete system control. Need a bit more control over your performance space? The QuickTouch+ Merge control-board option allows for alternating control between as many as six QuickTouch+ controllers. Cost-effective and easy to install, QuickTouch+ Merge comes in a small package and is able to control up to 24 variable- and fixed-speed motors. It is ideal for ballrooms and theatrical setups where users need to access hoist controls from multiple locations. You can put controllers in the wings on either side of the stage, or place one front-of-house and another in the performance space itself. It's entirely up to you.

Product Features

  • Configurations available for controlling up to four, eight, 12, and 24 variable- and fixed-speed motors
  • Accurate speed preset and live control via slider
  • Three user-programmable trims and two user-programmable travel limits per motor
  • Illuminated control buttons with dimmable backlight
  • Status, position and load readout via LCD screen
  • Hardwired E-Stop circuit and dead-man switch
  • Hold-to-run controls
  • Multiple languages available
  • Imperial or metric readout information
  • Automatic self-test at startup and after 30 days of continuous 'on' time
  • Simple and cost-effective installation using standard CAT5e wiring
  • Conforms to all CE directives and standards
Model Description
QT+4QuickTouch+ 4 control station controls up to four motors
QT+8QuickTouch+ 8 control station controls up to eight motors
QT+12QuickTouch+ 12 control station controls up to 12 motors
QT+24QuickTouch+ 24 control stations controls up to 24 motors