Foundation Handheld Remote

Foundation Handheld Remote

Control with confidence

The Foundation® Handheld Remote (FHHR) provides portable control for motors on any Foundation-controlled rigging system. Fly-rail technicians and technical directors can fly your over-stage scenery from an optimal line-of-sight position during rehearsals and performances, regardless of what normally might be in your way.

The FHHR has a rugged 6.5-inch LCD touchscreen and 48 buttons for numeric entry and navigation, allowing you to execute cues, move battens to a target, record and move trims, move to presets and much more. For added safety and control, the FHHR has a hard-wired E-stop, as well as a two-stage dead-man switch that stops batten motion if an operator freezes up or hesitates while running cues during a rehearsal or live performance.

The FHHR is an ideal solution for theaters, houses of worship and convention centers.

Product Features:
  • Local selection of motors
  • Go button for cue execution
  • Motor position, load and status feedback of all axes
  • Accurate manual movement of individual and multiple axes
  • Built-in joystick for control of variable-speed hoists and proportional cue-rate control
  • Dual-channel hard-wired E-stop button
  • Two hard-wired, two-stage, dead-man Enable buttons for ambidextrous operation
  • 48 function buttons for numeric entry and navigation
  • 6.5-inch (640x480 pixels) 16-bit color LCD touchscreen
  • Wired remote control with 50-foot cable
  • Communication via Ethernet network
  • Rugged, high-strength plastic enclosure
  • Adjustable brightness and contrast for low light conditions
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • CE Compliant