Net3 DMX/RDM Two-Port Gateway

DMX/RDM Two- Port Gateway

Delivers two ports of DMX defined in software as an input and an output

ETC's Two-Port Gateway is a DMX and RDM distribution device built on the quality and reliability of ETC's network development. Built for network systems using industry standard streamingACN (sACN), the Two-Port Gateway is compatible with ETC network system products. The DMX Gateway uses bidirectional Ethernet communication with other network devices to send or receive DMX512 data and RDM messages. The Two-Port Gateway supports two DMX input or DMX output connectors, to transport up to 1024 addresses of DMX over Ethernet.

The Two-Port DMX Gateway is available for use as a wall-mount, or pipe-mount device.

What are ACN, Net3, and RDM?

ACN - Architecture for Control Networks is a standard for high-speed bidirectional communication over TCP/IP on Ethernet network infrastructure. ACN is a suite of protocols used between network devices for the purposes of greater and more adaptive control in lighting applications.

Net3 - Net3 is ETC's network protocol that uses industry-defined ACN and streaming ACN protocols. Net3 allows Ethernet devices to seamlessly communicate together across the network.

RDM - Remote Device Management is a protocol enhancement to DMX512 that allows bidirectional communication between a system controller and attached RDM-compliant devices over a standard DMX line. This allows configuration, status monitoring, and management of the connected RDM devices.

Product Features

  • Supports Net3 using ACN and streaming ACN protocols
  • Two 5-pin DMX ports of distributed DMX
  • Distributes up to 1024 addresses over Ethernet
  • Ports Configurable for Input or Output
  • Supports Remote Device Management (RDM)
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) or external power supply
  • Integrated LCD displays status and configuration information
  • Compact design supports wall-mount or touring configurations
  • Configured using Net3 Concert configuration software
  • ANSI E1.17 ACN protocol compatible