SolaSpot 1000

High End Systems - Legacy Product

Lightweight and compact, the SolaSpot 1000 offers high intensity output and a full feature set for complete creative freedom. Designed for mid-size applications, SolaSpot 1000 is perfect for houses of worship, live productions, cruise ships and special events.

A 440-watt Ultra-Bright White LED engine and specially designed optics produce 18,000 lumens, allowing the fixture to boldly shine through the crowd, while the cutting edge rotating Animation wheel, fixed gobo and color wheels, CMY/CTO system, iris, frost, prism, and 11 to 48 degree zoom create a cornucopia of lighting effects. The fixture includes many other exclusive patented technologies such as Active Thermal Control and our Lens Defog System. The future is here - and brighter than ever before.

SolaSpot 1000

Product Features

  • White LED Engine
  • 440 W Ultra-Bright engine produces 18,000 lumens
  • CMY / CTO - Linear color mixing system
  • Six + open position replaceable Color Wheel
  • Iris
  • Light Frost
  • Linear Prism
  • 7°–47° Zoom
  • Six position plus open Rotating Gobo Wheel
  • Continuously Variable Animation Wheel
  • Patented Lens Defogger