High End Systems - Legacy Product

Offering brave new visuals and classic ACL animated searchlight patterns in a versatile effects lighting package, QUAD features four RGBW LEDs with additional independent X & Y module control, four high efficiency TIR lenses, and a high-powered indigo backlight system. Combined with the fixture’s 540° pan and 265° tilt, the QUAD offers unprecedented movement capabilities.


Four individual modules with 65 W RGBW LEDs and 106mm High Efficiency TIR lenses give the QUAD’s face its distinctive look. Each module features individual X+Y module controls of -15/+15 degrees ‘X’ and Y is -20 /+20 degrees ‘Y’ movement, making the fixture able to accurately replicate ACL searchlight effects. QUAD also uses 28 Indigo Backlighter LEDs for even more unique stage looks.