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Fast and easy to use, Presto! is a compact lighting console with powerful professional features like 40 multipurpose faders, effects and a crossfader. Presto gives you full power over conventional lighting, as well as color scrollers. With control of up to 160 channels, Presto's different operating modes suit the daily workings of theaters, television studios, civic halls, live concerts and rental parks. Plus, there's a convenient 'direct mode' for easy lighting control access.  

Presto's intuitive operation and clear monitor layout means you don't need to study manuals for hours to operate the system (and you can always turn to the convenient integrated context-sensitive online help system for reference if ever needed). Presto can also be used effectively without a monitor. The Avab-typical joystick to the right of the channel-selection keyboard allows channels to be faded in and out quickly; in addition, the fadetime of cues can be extended or reduced. The switchable DMX output allows a new scene to be prepared blind (Freeze-Mode).