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  • Control your rig from your Android device

  • ETC's free aRFR Classic application provides simple touchscreen-based remote control for Eos® and Cobalt® family consoles, Eos and Ion® Remote Processor Units, the Cobalt Light Server, ETCnomad® and ETCnomad Puck over a closed wireless network.

    Note: aRFR software updates released after July, 2017 are not compatible with Cobalt. If you have updated your application unintentionally, you can download the aRFR Classic to restore to the previous version of the software at no charge.

    The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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    Built-in Security

    Since anyone can download this software and no factory hardware is required, security controls are provided to prohibit unauthorized access to your lighting control system.

    Use of the application requires Eos-family software v1.7 or higher or Congo software v6.1/Cobalt software v7.0 or higher and Android software v2.2 or higher.

    With the aRFR Classic on Cobalt-family products, you can:

    • Select channels and set parameter data
    • Playback and edit presets
    • Conduct dimmer and channel checks
    • Patch conventional fixtures
    • Manipulate Color, Pan/Tilt and other parameters using dedicated graphical controllers
    • Calibrate Scroller Rolls
  • aRFR-1