TAP Photo Sensor

Photo Sensor

The TAP is a wireless, self powered photo sensor designed for indoor use, for light level sensing, for daylight switching or dimming , 0-512 and 0-1024 range detection.

The TAP uses energy harvesting solar cells for power and uses a very low power radio allowing it to operate in low light conditions for extended periods of time.

The TAP sensor transmits light levels to receivers or controllers which can then activate lighting fixtures based on need. Harvesting the ambient daylight in work and living areas is a well recognized method of conserving energy .

The new 21 Series TAP Photo Sensor advanced features:

  • range confirmation LED indicator ensuring a reliable connection to the host
  • solar energy harvesting LED indicator for optimal sensor placement
  • start assist battery available

While retaining:

  • available in 902 and 868 MHz
  • simple tap configuration to establish daylighting switching and dimming
  • Wireless, self powered
  • over 80 hours life in the dark
  • Uses a very low power radio
  • low light level operation and minimal charge time
  • 0-512 and 0-1024 range detection
  • self adjusting transmission rates to reduce energy usage
  • switch selectable light level range