Complete Room Dimming Controller

Complete Room Dimming Controller

Echoflex's Smart Space Controller, the ERDRC is a dimming controller that is an energy controls system to itself, ideal for distributed control. - 120,277@20A or 347V@15A with 0-10V dimming and occupancy sensor support.

When used in conjuction with an occupancy sensor and an Echoflex wireless photosensor, the controller will turn the lights OFF, when the space is vacant and if occupied, will dim the artificial light contribution in relation to the available natural light.

Echoflex's lighting controllers use wireless technology to monitor the room's environment, eliminating much of the wiring normally required for this level of distributed control. This translates into quick installations with less disruption to occupants allowing facilities to accelerate retrofit schedules and start saving money sooner. The lighting controllers have Echoflex's SmartClick technology which allows installers and facility operators to manage configuration settings without any tools, reducing callbacks.

The new F series controllers are available as Complete Room Controller and the Dimming Controller. The Complete Room Controller is a triple tap device (120/277/347 VAC) that also accepts transmissions from wired sensors and includes 24VDC and trigger wires. The Dimming Controller has the low voltage dimming wires exiting from the nipple of the controller, is dual tap (120/277 or 120/347VAC) and only supports wireless sensors.

The advanced features of these F series controllers include:

  • range confirmation technology allowing the sensor to display communication quality
  • remote management capabilities
  • central command capabilities to enable functions such as Demand Response
  • fade to off with double click on/off

While retaining features of the E series controllers:

  • smart click commissioning - using the wall switch to set up configuration
  • simple tap commissioning - using the sensor teach button to set up configuration
  • computer based commissioning - using Echoflex Garibaldi Software
  • 0-10V output for dimming ballasts
  • Integrated daylight harvesting
  • Vacancy mode or auto on mode
  • supports 20 peripheral sensors and switches
  • transmits controller status
  • dual hop signal repeating function