Architectural Control Processor (ACP)

Architectural Control Processor (ACP)

Ready for action

This agile processor system is designed to be ready for action in seconds. When installed in Unison® DRd enclosures, the SmartLink ACP works seamlessly with the DRd to provide smooth lighting fades for up to 48 channels. The ACP offers 64 presets and a sequence, and can support 16 SmartLink control stations when you add a LinkConnect  Station Power Module. The SmartLink ACP also accepts a DMX-512A input for control by other devices. The combination of DMX and LinkConnect allow you to Snapshot  a lighting scene for use later as one of the system presets, by simply pressing and holding a button.

Fast Configuring. Smart feedback.

The Point of Control  Interface is an easy-to-read LCD screen that shows all pertinent system information. The interface allows graphics and text, with views of system functions including preset (and sequence) levels. The numeric keypad lets you quickly enter data into the processor itself, and the touchwheel provides an intuitive rotate-and-select user interface for navigation. The SmartLink ACP features a QuickLoad  SD card slot, which can be used to store the system data for later access, even while the system is in use. For added security, the QuickLoad slot is hidden from normal view behind a locking metal door. The ACP's Secure-it Access  control keeps data protected, using multiple levels of user access at the face panel.