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    For more than 30 years, High End Systems automated lighting, control and atmospheric products have been at the forefront of live production worldwide. Professionals continue to rely on the performance and reliability of these products to elevate their shows. These workhorse tools are renowned for their performance, reliability and innovation. The result of extensive product research and development and customer service, High End Systems products offer the right solution for every automated lighting need.

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    Lighting Fixtures

    Automated Lighting

    High End Systems fixtures pioneered the advancement of automated lighting technology. The latest innovations found in the Sola Series and Effects series bring modern efficiency to the timeless performance and ingenuity in our legendary products. With punchy beams, saturated washes and spectacular effects, get ready to take your light show to a new level. We've got the tools.

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    Hog 4

    Hog consoles pioneered the world of large-scale automated lighting control. With enduring loyalty from programmers worldwide, Hog 4 is built around the way you work. With tools designed for programming efficiency and an extensive range of consoles and accessories, all Hog 4 products use the same intuitive and powerful Hog 4 operating system software for seamless compatibility and total control of your show.

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    HQ-100 Hazer | FQ-100 Fog Generator

    Atmospheric effects are vital partners to lighting fixtures. As a leader in this technology development for many years, we build robust products designed to endure the rigors of touring and extended duty cycles. We also manufacture our own fluids, specifically for use in High End Systems FQ-100 and HQ-100 products.

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    Dichroic Filters

    Manufactured at our optical laboratory, our dichroic filters use a precision process by which multi-layer thin film coatings are deposited on heat-resistant glass substrate using high vacuum deposition techniques. The resulting product offers advantages such as high transmission levels for energy/cost savings and high color selectivity for brighter, cleaner saturated color.

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