•         Talen lighting fixture


    With its punchy, rig-defining aerials, Talen adds visual excitement and big looks to any show. The fixture’s high-intensity beams are created with full additive color RGBW emitters and a large front aperture, resulting in an extremely narrow 3° beam with high center beam candlepower. With infinite pan and tilt movement, Talen moves beyond the positioning limitations of other luminaires. Talen’s footprint is small enough to fit anywhere in a lighting plot, and it can also be rigged in creative hanging positions.

    Modest Footprint

    Full of Impact.

    Talen's modest footprint allows it
    to fit seamlessly between other
    fixtures or to hang in groups.

    Infinitely Accurate Positioning

    ETC Whisper Home technology guarantees that fixtures will always come back to position when requested. This patented technology uses absolute encoding to provide precision and repeatability, regardless of fixture rotation.

    ETC Whisper Home

    Talen Array Hinge

    Talen Array Hinge facilitates hanging groups of Talen fixtures in tight clusters for unique design elements.

    Talen Array Hinge 1
    Talen Array Hinge 2
    Talen Array Hinge 3

    Modest Footprint

    Configuration via App

    Use the Set Light app to
    directly configure Talen with
    Bluetooth, or use RDM.

    Bring the Bling to Any Stage

    Layer your light! Talen is a natural choice to supplement other amazing fixtures in your design, adding color and movement on a budget.