Source 4WRD

  • Source 4WRD™ Watt Reduction Device

    The first bona fide, white-light LED retrofit for the Source Four® ellipsoidal.

    • Replaces a Source Four burner assembly in seconds
    • Same optics, accessories, and flexibility as a Source Four fixture
    • As bright as a 575 watt extended-life lamp
    • 70% less power, no re-lamping, DMX or line-dimmed

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  • Source 4WRD

  • Source 4WRD LED is available as a full fixture or you can advance any full-sized, tungsten Source Four ellipsoidal to LED efficiency with the Source 4WRD retrofit.

    Special introductory pricing is available ($599 retrofit, $899 full fixture) through June 30th, 2016, after which prices will increase to $699 retrofit and $999 full fixture.

    120v model is available now, 230v model will be available in the near future.

    155 watts – long life LED lamp – no-hassle swap out

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    * U.S. patents issued and pending