PowerSafe Series Company Switches

PowerSafe Series Company Switches

More power access, with more peace of mind.

Designed with safety foremost in mind, ETC's new PowerSafe™ Pro and PowerSafe Compact company switches are streamlined, space-conscious enclosures. The compartment layout protects against access to output connections while the cabinet is energized. Connection to power is safe and fast. Installation is simple, and the unit is easy to use by incoming technicians.

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PowerSafe Pro and PowerSafe Compact both feature:

  • 100% rated breakers
  • Safety locking handle prevents accidental unlocking of cover
  • Shunt trip safety interlock
  • Provides 65,000A SCCR (Short-Circuit Current Rating)
  • ISO ground allows field configuration of isolation between enclosure ground and equipment ground
  • Output connections accommodates single-pole Cam-style connectors and up to 4/0 class K cables using 500kcmil screw terminal
  • LED power indicators light up for proof that power is on/available between each phase and neutral
  • Lockout/tagout point for breaker accepts third-party locks on built-in brackets for support of NFPA 70E procedures
  • Rugged 16-gauge steel and scratch-resistant paint
  • UL and cUL Listed

PowerSafe Pro features:

  • Available at 120/208V: 100A, 200A, or 400A breaker options
  • 3-phase, 5-wire double neutral (supports 200% rated neutral) plus ground
  • Magnet latch to hold interior covers open during termination of bare end tie-ins
  • Lift-up cover for lug access
  • LED work light illuminates interior connectors and output lugs

PowerSafe Compact features:

  • Available at 120/208V: 100A, 200A breaker options
  • 3-phase, 4-wire plus ground
  • Designed to minimum footprint, while allowing required wire-bend radius and internal spacing
  • Locks unwanted access to hinged CAM and tail covers over all connections while door is closed