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    Keep an eye on all aspects of your CueSystem with this free, downloadable PC application. The software makes setup a breeze; once plugged into the network, CueSystem devices auto-populate in the patch screen and can be assigned to channels using simple, drag-and-drop selection.

    Running a complicated show? No need to do it on the fly. Create a cue stack and preprogram all your cues. These cues can be run directly from the PC, or from an optional, dedicated Playback Unit.

    You can even create a real-time map of your CueSystem by dragging graphic representations of each CueSystem device onto an imported background image. The indicators on the outstations respond in real time as each CueSystem channel is activated, and you’ll know immediately if a
    device is unplugged or goes offline.

    System requirements: PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10 with a 2GHZ Pentium 4 processor or better.     

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