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    CueSystem Desks provide direct, hands-on control of CueSystem outstations. Available in both rack-mount and desktop configurations, Desks control four, eight or twelve individual CueSystem channels. For larger shows, multiple Desks may live on the same network, creating an infinitely flexible, easy-to-scale system.

    Stage managers and show callers can use the buttons on the Desk to relay “standby” and “go” commands to performers and operators stationed near CueSpider outstations. The red and green buttons on the Desk may be used to directly control the corresponding red and green indicators on individual outstations, or the yellow “preset” buttons may be used to select multiple CueSystem channels to be controlled at once with the “master” buttons.

    Product Name

    To ensure smooth operations backstage, CueSystem features an “acknowledge” mode that causes the red indicator lights on both the CueSpider and the Desk to flash when a standby cue is issued. To acknowledge the standby, the CueSpider operator simply presses the flashing indicator, switching both the Desk and the CueSpider lights to solid red and confirming to the stage manager that everything is in place for the “go” cue.