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  • Education Package
    Education Package

    The Augment3d Light Lab is a custom Eos show file that lets you play with light as if you were designing on a real stage. Set your lighting positions, intensity, colors, and even breakup patterns!

    Light Lab may be used with any Eos Family console running software v3.0 or later, or with the ETCnomad software. It is intuitive enough for any new user to pick up and play with without prior knowledge of Eos or Augment3d, but if you get stuck, you can always check in with the onboard help system.

    Education Package
    Education Package

    Download Show File


    Given your settings, you might not see the Light Lab load when you first open the show. If this is the case, click on the Pop-up Magic Sheet button in the top right-hand corner and then click begin.

    Education Package
    Education Package

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