Cobalt 10

Cobalt 10

One size does not fit all

Taking it on the road
Cobalt™ 10 is a compact solution suitable for touring or smaller control rooms. It has built-in, articulating, 12-inch, high-resolution, multi-touch monitors and offers support for three additional external monitors, which may also be single- or
multi-touch, and 20 master playbacks with 10 motorized faders and 10 backlit, color-coded endless pots. Cobalt 10 controls up to 5,000 devices (dimmers, LEDs, moving lights or media servers) on up to 32 universes of output (16,384 parameters) without the need for additional processing hardware.

Product features

  • Two 12" articulating, multi-touch displays
  • Backlit command keypad
  • 20 Master playbacks, consisting of 10 motorized faders and 10 backlit, color-coded endless pots with full-color touch displays
  • Solid-state hard drive
  • Supports three external DisplayPort monitors starting at 1280x1024 resolution with optional touchscreen control
  • Dual PoE Ethernet ports
  • 4,096 or 16,384 outputs/parameters
  • 5,000 control channels (nameable to 9999)
Cobalt 10

Why choose the Cobalt family?

Touch the light

What if you could reach out and touch the light - craft it, color it, move it - directly and without feeling like there's a machine between you and your design? You see the light in your head, and with minimal keystrokes, see that creation on stage. Cobalt is designed from the ground up to get you from thought to reality as quickly as possible. Short commands coupled with direct-access screen-based tools make the controller disappear under your fingertips - nothing stands between you and the light.

Cobalt 10

Put your finger on it

The tools you need to manage data with speed and precision are all in there - thousands of devices in the library, customizable by you so they fit your way of working; groups, palettes, presets as building blocks of your show; effect playbacks for completely configurable effects on conventionals, movers, LEDs and more. All with interactive controls available on the screens - these tools let you break free of syntax and work with light directly.

Cobalt 10

Masters make anything possible

The Masters are the heart of the system. With unlimited content possibilities, the masters let you customize the console so that every playback, every button, fits the way you build or play back your show. Available on screen, or with optional fader wings from ETC or USB-MIDI panels by other manufacturers, there are many options for getting your hands on your show.

Cobalt 10

Do it your way

Cobalt works your way with options for how your looks are stored and played back. Put information and controls where you need them. Build your own channel displays using channel icons or fixture symbols, and mix channels with other selection tools for direct access to groups and palettes.

Cobalt 10

Are you ready?

Cobalt is like no other. Mere words cannot describe the feeling of using Cobalt to bring your designs to life. Contact ETC for a demonstration, or attend a training event to experience for yourself the power of the Cobalt family of controls. Seeing is believing. Come touch the light.