Decorator Style Switch

Single Decorator Style Switch

Echoflex's single and dual decorator style rocker switch/EnOcean transmitter. The switch is wireless and self powered, never needing batteries! - on/off and dimming as well as activating set up and back of HVAC systems.

The switch transmits ON/OFF signals to Echoflex controllers enabled with EnOcean receivers. Using a push and hold on or off will, when used with the correct relay control device dim up or down a lighting load.

Single Decorator Style Switch

- Each controller/receiver can learn up to 20 of the unique switch transmissions
- Each switch can be learned by an unlimited number of controller/receivers
- Easy installation requiring no junction box or tools, just peel and stick
- Transmission range for interior spaces is commonly better then 30m up to 300m line-of-sight
- Available in white, black, brown, ivory, light almond and cream
- Available in 902, 868MHz

Each switch comes standard with a single gang surface mounting plate with optional 2 and 3 gang plates available. (cover plates not included).

Product Features

  • Available in 902, 868 MHz
  • Never needing batteries
  • Easy installation
  • On/off and dimming
  • Wireless, self powered
  • Single and dual switch