Photo Sensor

Photo Sensor

The Echoflex Photo Sensor TAP-31 is a wireless, self-powered photo sensor designed for indoor use. It provides a reliable and simple method for increasing energy savings by adding daylight harvesting capability to your Echoflex lighting control system.

With two selectable ranges – 0-1024 lux (95 fc) and 0-65535 lux (6090 fc) – the TAP-31 is perfect for open- or closed-loop daylighting applications. The self-powered TAP-31 uses solar cells for power and will accept a coin cell battery for continuous operation in very low light conditions.

The Photo Sensor provides multiple mounting options, including integrated magnets for T-Bar, wire straps for ceiling tile, and screw holes for hard-lid ceilings. And with an aesthetically pleasing, low-visual-impact design, the TAP-31 will fit with any décor.

Product Features

  • Selectable ranges: 0-1024 lux (95 fc) and 0-65535 lux (0-6090 fc)
  • Range confirmation LED indicator, ensuring a reliable connection to host
  • Simple Tap configuration to establish daylighting switching or dimming set points
  • Low-light level operation and minimal charge time
  • Self-adjusting transmission rates to reduce energy usage