Magnetic Contact Sensor

Magnetic Contact Sensor

The Echoflex Magnetic Contact Sensor (model MC-31) is an easy-to-install, battery-powered sensor that monitors the status of a window or door. When mounted on the inside of a window or door jamb, the MC-31 helps users capture energy savings in lighting and HVAC controls systems by providing passive occupancy detection. It wirelessly transmits the open or closed status of a door or window to trigger lighting controls or HVAC setback temperature control devices.

The MC-31 sensor can be configured to monitor closed-to-open, and/or open-to-closed transitions, or just the current state of the device. Users can also select a “heartbeat” transmission period plus redundant messaging to increase reliability of radio communications. All of these settings can be adjusted without any special tools.

Built-in features assist the installer in locating the sensor for optimal wireless performance and be confident of its operation. Echoflex’s proprietary range confirmation technology makes it easy to check wireless signal strength on the Magnetic Contact Sensor without special equipment or configuration devices. When linked with an Echoflex controller, Range Confirmation technology indicates radio signal strength via LED with a simple button-press and hold sequence. It also includes diagnostic and configuration features to ensure consistent performance.

The Magnetic Contact Sensor’s battery is rated for 10 years of use. A battery level status message makes it convenient to monitor battery power to alleviate any doubts.

Product Features

  • Reed switch test mode and ability to select which state change (close to open or open to close) will trigger a transmission
  • Reliable radio reception range of 24 meters (80 feet) in typical commercial office spaces, up to 100 meters (330 feet) line of sight
  • Integrated Range Confirmation via tricolored LED indication
  • User adjustable heartbeat (100 or 1000 seconds)
  • Available in 902 MHz and 868 MHz frequencies