Correlated Color Temperature Photo Sensor

Correlated Color Temperature Photo Sensor

The Echoflex Correlated Color Temperature Photo Sensor (TAP-41) is a wireless, self-powered photo sensor with correlated color temperature (CCT) sensing technology. Designed for indoor use, the TAP-41 sensor has two selectable light intensity ranges. One range supports light intensity levels suitable for monitoring fixture output for closed loop daylighting. The second range is ideal for monitoring exterior light levels for open loop daylighting control.

With the TAP-41’s color temperature monitoring, facilities can match tunable fixtures’ output with outdoor values or to defined color temperature values. A broad range of temperature coverage enables the TAP-41 to provide responsive feedback of the color temperature of combined natural and artificial light, enabling systems with tunable-white fixtures to adjust the fixtures as necessary to create a homogenous lighting field.

The sensor is powered using energy-harvesting solar cells and is equipped with a very low-power radio allowing it to operate in low light conditions for extended periods of time with no battery.

Its wireless radio has a dependable range up to 24 meters (80 feet) in office spaces, and up to 100 meters (330 feet) line of sight. Sensor mounting options include integrated magnets for T-Bar or wire straps for ceiling tile.

Product Features

  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) technology for guiding tunable-white fixtures.
  • Selectable ranges: 0-1024 lux (95 fc) or 0-65535 lux (0-6090 fc)
  • Range confirmation LED indicator, ensuring a reliable connection to host
  • Solar energy harvesting LED indicator for optimal sensor placement
  • Start-assist battery available
  • Simple Tap configuration to establish daylighting switching or dimming set points
  • Over 80 hours of operation in darkness
  • Low-light level operation and minimal charge time
  • Self-adjusting transmission rates to ensure responsive monitoring