4 Channel Contact Input Interface

Contact Input Interface

The Echoflex Contact Input Interface offers four wired inputs to interface with Echoflex wireless control devices. Each input has two terminals (+5V, Input) for interfacing with almost any equipment creating a hybrid control solution.

When the two terminals are bridged through an external dry contact, the input triggers transmission of a telegram based on standard profiles (EEP).

Supported EEP's include:

  • Key card Activated Switch
  • Rocker Switch
  • Occupancy Sensor
  • Window/Door Contact

Each channel can then be linked to the same or different receivers so when the input is activated, a wireless telegram is sent representing the input's state.

The Contact Input Interface is a simple method of integrating wireless devices into existing panels, wired control systems, or energy management systems.

Product Features:

  • available in 902 MHz
  • Four wired input channels
  • Each channel operates separately sending wireless switch or sensor commands to Echoflex controllers
  • Low voltage interface to fire alarm, security, lighting, or control panels
  • Panel or DIN rail mount
  • LED interface for channel status indication
  • Supports key card switch , rocker switch, occupancy sensor and window switch profiles
  • Pluggable terminal strips