Split Duplex Controller

Split Duplex Controller

The ERNR Split Duplex Receptacle Outlet Controller provides a simple solution to meet energy codes without requiring complex changes to a facility. The controller offers a split duplex receptacle with a 15-amp relay-switched outlet and a 15-amp constant-power outlet. Its auxiliary output allows for additional standard outlets to be controlled by its internal relay. ASHRAE and California energy codes. The Split Duplex Controller mounts in a standard electrical box.

Arrow shaped LEDs provide permanent marking of the control outlet and users can choose to have the LEDs turned off.

The controller activates electrical loads with received input from a linked sensor or switch transmitting:

  • Ambient light levels monitored by a wireless photo sensor
  • Occupancy state monitored by a wireless occupancy sensor
  • Switch action from a wireless single or dual paddle wall switch
  • Switch action from a wireless key card switch
  • Switch action from a wireless door/window (reed) switch
  • Gateway control implementing schedules or other events

Product Features:

  • Use for controlling plug-in electrical loads
  • Compatible with Echoflex switches, occupancy and photo
  • Reliable radio reception range of 24 m (80 ft ) in most common indoor applications
  • Low-cost alternative to running wires and conduit - ideal for retrofit projects
  • Single-channel 15A relay and 15A constant-power outlets
  • 120V power input
  • ETL and cETL Listed