7'' Touchscreen

7 inch Touchscreen

Elegant and compact

Paradigm's elegant and compact Touchscreen controls complement your interior design - customized to your décor and color scheme - while putting lighting and building control at your fingertips.

7 inch Touchscreen

Easy to read

Available in wall-mount portable and wireless handheld versions, Paradigm Touchscreens use high-resolution, displays that are bright and easy to read with a high-contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. The capacitive touchscreen provides a smooth and accurate user-experience with visual and audible feedback. Designed to your specifications with  ControlDesigner ™ software, the Touchscreen's intuitive graphics guide you quickly through your lighting control options. Each Touchscreen can be adapted to your needs using an array of control elements including buttons, faders, pop-up windows, color pickers, animations and electronic lock-out capability.

410-Remote App

Remote Control

The Paradigm Touchscreen Remote app provides users easy access to their P-TS7 touchscreen controls from mobile devices. Ethernet-connected P-TS7 touchscreens can be directly controlled via iOS or Android mobile devices. App users see an exact duplicate of the Touchscreen, including button presses and system state. The app mirrors what’s on the touchscreen with no additional programming necessary, making setup a breeze. While setup is easy, multiple layers of security built into the app and Paradigm ensure there is no unauthorized access to your controls.

7 inch Touchscreen


Paradigm Touchscreens connect to your ETC control system using the LinkConnect- network. If you have an Ethernet network for your lighting controls, high-speed  NetConnect     is also supported.