LightDesigner for Paradigm

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LightDesigner gives designers, programmers, and technicians the tools they need to tap into the incredible power of Paradigm and create systems that are beautiful, energy-efficient, and user-responsive.

Designers and programmers can use LightDesigner to make their lighting system's configuration and design process faster and easier. Designers can import a plan or picture of a project to clarify layout. Drawing tools help designers create and edit spaces, as well as easily define and manipulate otherwise complex “combine” situations.

LightDesigner software lets technicians program all aspects of Paradigm, including energy management, day-to-day operations, user interfaces, special events, and special effects. Simulation is a core feature in LightDesigner, so designers can visualize and test lighting choices across systems.

The artistic side of lighting is also well represented in LightDesigner, with drag-and-drop access to an extensive built-in library of multi-attribute, multicolored fixtures. LightDesigner works seamlessly with Paradigm’s powerful control architecture so it’s simple to create colorful, vibrant looks that take advantage of multicolor LED systems no matter how big they get.

Energy codes are confusing; LightDesigner makes compliance easy. Daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and time-based controls can all be modified from LightDesigner, ensuring they work in concert to deliver maximum energy savings.

LightDesigner helps technicians create a perfectly responsive lighting environment for end users, too. The software allows technicians to configure button and fader stations to recall the perfect look as well as tweak sensor settings to create a space end users can easily navigate. The program also gives technicians powerful, real-time live control and live editing of a Paradigm system during install or while a system is up and running – with built-in safeguards to keep everything working correctly.

Paradigm can handle the world’s largest lighting environments. LightDesigner helps users set up and manage those networked environments. And when the lighting needs a little more show, native Mosaic interaction means you can trigger and monitor Mosaic shows from within Paradigm for a fully integrated system.