Product Name

Works the way you want it to

LightDesigner represents a true shift in how lighting control and dimming systems are programmed, with built-in tools for managing the data of a project, freeing the design team to create lighting environments. LightDesigner allows a designer and a technician to use real-world terms and information as they collaborate on effective lighting control scenarios, including energy management, day-to-day operations, user interfaces, special events, and special effects. LightDesigner works the way you want it to, with effective pre-programming and simulation capabilities that allow you to visualize and test out changes to the lighting design, as well as access powerful, real-time live control and live editing of your Unison® Paradigm™ Control System. 

Green light. LightDesigner's EnergyManager suite of features helps you harness maximum energy savings by using daylight harvesting (DaylightManager), occupancy sensing (OccupancyManager), and time-based controls (TimeManager) simultaneously. By managing the relationship of your artificial lighting to incoming natural light, as well as to changes in daily schedules and the presence of people, you save on resources and money. You can even provide occupants with a FlickWarn when the lights are about to change, giving them a chance to respond.

The art of lighting - made easier. LightDesigner is all about making your lighting system's configuration and design process faster and easier. With SpaceManager you can import a plan or picture of your project to assist in your control layout. Extensive drawing tools help you create and edit spaces, as well as easily define and manipulate otherwise complex 'combine' situations. The ready-to-use built-in effects in LightDesigner's EasyFX function brings out the artistry of the lighting system, designing and creating dramatic looks with LEDs, moving lights, and zones. FixtureManager's deep library of multi-attribute fixtures gives you drag-and-drop access to the LEDs, moving lights, and other devices you want to use (including those from many different manufacturers). LightDesigner's LiveControl function allows you to design on the fly. Meanwhile, LiveEdit allows you to change your system's functions, know that it is shared and backed up with the entire system and save changes without hesitation. The SpeedMacro feature makes creating conditional-logic macros as simple as possible, offering reusable custom functionality with user-defined parameters to execute the design.

Plays well with others. EasyNet accesses ETC's state-of-the-art Net3™ networking capability, with graphical views of your system, plus wizards to guide you through network parameters. StationManager gives you the power to handle a variety of ETC button and fader stations, as well as sensors, and other devices. Import or create new station types, edit functionality, including LonMARK® compatible products from hundreds of partners. Pharos-Launch allows you to pull information about triggers and timelines from a Pharos™ playback-controller configuration into LightDesigner.