Central Control Server

Central Control Server

Unleash more Paradigm power

The Paradigm Central Control Server unleashes more power and functionality in ETC's Unison Paradigm® architectural line, greatly expanding its scope of lighting control. By integrating a native BACnet® communication system and incorporating ETC's new Virtual Touchscreens, Paradigm Central Control Server scales up Paradigm systems to master the most complex lighting venues. Paradigm Central Control Server 'thinks globally and acts locally,' allowing internal subsystems to act independently, at the most granular level, while one command center monitors it all - simultaneously logging, overriding, driving, and managing the components.

The Paradigm Central Control Server is environmentally smart, too. It incorporates energy monitoring options, including energy monitoring and logging, historical reporting, power cost calculations and Demand Response.

With Central Control Server, multiple Paradigm systems can be programmed independently of each other and consolidated into a single system. This is essential systems-management for multi-venue theme parks, cruise ships, performing arts centers, casino and resort venues, museum complexes, and the like, where lighting operations can now subdivide from facility wide control to just one preset lighting scene.

The Central Control Server supports up to 64 Paradigm Architectural Control Processors in multiple subsystems that may contain up to twelve processors each. The unique quality of the Paradigm Central Server is the division of labor it performs: If one processor is taken offline in the system, the unaffected others continue performing their programmed functions for their area. They report on the inactive processor, communicating with the command center.

Designed from the outset to interface with ASHRAE's BACnet™ IP building-systems protocol, Paradigm Central Control Server synchronizes and stitches together separate systems. Not merely triggered by BACnet, as other-brand lighting control systems are, Paradigm Central Control Server bi-directionally listens, registers, replies to and executes BACnet's event-scheduling commands, ensuring that the system runs its events even if connection to BACnet is lost.

Paradigm Central Server's Virtual Touchscreen stations and large-format touchscreen integration puts customized control at the fingertips. A Virtual Touchscreen may be a touchscreen computer (any available size format) or a conventional computer with monitor and keyboard/mouse control. Configured by ETC's new LightDesigner™ and ControlDesigner™ 2.0 software, the interfaces are configured to the desire of the end user. Whether used locally, at a single system station, or globally by a facilities manager at the helm of central control, the Virtual Touchscreens allow multiple venues to be configured separately or at a single large format screen or computer. The Virtual Touchscreens access the local picture and big picture of a vast system - its multiple distributed subsystems of lighting and its total lighting and building-system landscape.