Legacy Unison Interface Stations

Legacy Unison Interface Station

The pressing of a button is not the only way to control lighting. Unison Architectural Control offers a variety of standard interface options to allow automated and remote interaction with not only the lighting system, but other building systems as well.

You have more things to control than just light fixtures. Whether you need to trigger the raising or lowering of window blinds or a projection screen, manipulate the functioning of your Audio/Video system, or have the system respond to a Security System, Fire Alarm, or an Audio/Video System, we have you covered with the Contact Interface Station, the Fader Interface Station, and the A/V Serial Station.

Control your system remotely, from the same room, using our Infrared Remote Station and Transmitter, or from a PC running LightManager via our PC Interface station. Order any of our Button, Fader or LCD stations as a Portable, and add or remove additional control into a space as needed by placing our Portable Interface station.