Remote Audio Device

Remote Audio Device

Expand your reach

The Mosaic Remote Audio/Timecode Module (MRIO-A) expands the advanced show-control capabilities of the system in interactive installations, allowing lighting and AV to respond instantly to audio, MIDI, and timecode triggers. As an accessory to any Mosaic controller, the MRIO-A device features inputs for stereo audio or linear timecode, plus MIDI timecode input and output. This makes the Mosaic Remote Audio/Timecode Module perfect for running 4D environmental effects, syncing your video, audio, and effects with lighting.

The MRIO-A employs familiar, simple and reliable Ethernet-wiring topology with IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Up to four MRIO-A modules can co-exist on a network as part of a distributed system.

Product Features

  • Stereo balanced audio input with auto or manual gain adjustment (software adjustable)
  • Per channel spectrum analysis with configurable 3-30 band configurable analyzer
  • Linear Timecode (LTC) input with automatic format detection
  • MIDI Timecode (MTC) input
  • Software fly-wheel with error-correction routines and jump support routines for smooth, responsive timecode playback
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powered
  • Programmed and configured using Mosaic Designer Software