Remote Audio Device

Remote Audio Device

Expand your reach

The Mosaic Remote Audio/Timecode Module (MRIO-A) expands the advanced show-control capabilities of the system in interactive installations, allowing lighting and AV to respond instantly to the environment or viewer. As an accessory to the Mosaic Show Controllers™ (MSCs), Mosaic Show Controller X™ (MSCX), and Mosaic Tessera (MTPC) the MRIO-A device offers connections for stereo audio input or linear timecode and MIDI timecode input and output The Mosaic Audio/Timecode Module employs familiar, simple and reliable Ethernet-wiring topology with IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Up to a four MRIO-A modules can co-exist on a network as part of a distributed system.

Mosaic MRIO-A

When you need to accept discrete triggers from third-party equipment to complete your system, choose the RIO 8/0. Featuring eight configurable Tri-Mode inputs, the RIO 8/0 accepts almost any input from the necessary equipment: digital-active high, digital-active low or contact closure.