Unison DRd Power Control (with Echo)

Unison DRd Power Control

Simply smart power control

Simply smart power control.  The Unison® DRd Power Control enclosure with Echo provides and routes modular power for 16 control stations and 16 power controllers or panels. The enclosure can house up to 48 circuits of dimming and on/off relay control. Broadcast DALI and 0-10V outputs, combined with line-voltage dimming and switching capabilities make DRd Power Control with Echo an incredibly flexible and powerful tool.

Powerful peace of mind.  We ensure that your system stays reliable, even when the power goes out. DRd Power Control's built-in power supply protects your system, providing you with uninterrupted service -- even in emergency situations. In the event of a power outage, optional RideThru technology will keep processors energized for up to ten seconds, while power is transferred to an emergency source. For additional security, the optional BatteryPack module keeps your system functional for up to 90 minutes following a power disruption, so your system is ready to respond as soon as power returns.

It's easy being green.  The Unison® Echo™ system was specifically developed with your energy concerns in mind. Keeping green has never been easier - Echo's complete line of products gives you maximum energy savings while adhering to the growing number of industry energy codes, such as ASHRAE 90.1, CA Title 20/24 and IECC, all without breaking the bank.