DMX Scene Controller

Product Name

Snapshot your Echo system

The Echo DMX Scene Controller is a powerful addition the
Unison Echo® family that allows you to create DMX lighting presets in a few simple steps. It is a great solution for venues where DMX fixtures require control as part of an architectural control system, such as theaters, schools, community centers, houses of worship, offices and retail spaces. The DMX Scene Controller supports up to 32 presets that are recalled from Inspire® button stations in a single keystroke. Programming is simple using any DMX control source - like a lighting console - to create a snapshot of current light levels that can be activated directly from your designated button station.

When combined with EchoAccess™, you can do more than take snapshots of current levels; you can also adjust color using a built-in Color Picker. The DMX Scene Controller also supports direct control of hue, saturation and intensity from the EchoAccess mobile app and from Inspire fader stations.