• ArcLamp Volt Drop Calculator

    As with all low-voltage products, ArcLamp installations must take into account voltage drop over distance.

    Not to worry - the handy ArcLamp Volt Drop Calculator can help you design your system. Select the ArcLamp driver being used, the total amount of ArcLamps that will be connected to each of the 4 outputs of the driver, and the length and gauge of cable you plan to use. The calculator will determine if your proposed configuration meets the minimum requirements for the lamp to operate.

      “Bridging” your ArcLamps

      ArcLamp driver outputs may also be ‘bridged’ together using the provided bridging kits to increase the lamp capacity of each circuit. Here is an example of how bridging may be implemented using a 350W driver:

      1 x ArcLamp 350W Driver has the ability to support up to 60 of the 4.4W ArcLamp.

      Option 1 – Connect 15 ArcLamps to each of the 4 outputs - total of 60 lamps on 4 circuits

      Option 2 – Connect 30 ArcLamps to 2 bridged pairs of outputs for a total of 60 lamps on 2 circuits

      Option 3 – Connect 60 ArcLamps to 1 bridged quad of outputs for a total of 60 lamps on 1 circuit

    • Volt Drop Calculator User Instructions
      • First select the driver/bridging option from the ‘Type’ dropdown
      • Then select the number of lamps that will be used on 1 output of the driver. If you have selected a ‘bridged’ option, the calculator will allow you to enter in any quantity of lamps up to the maximum capacity of the bridged channels.
      • Select the gauge of wire that you plan to use in the wire size field. Note for most ArcLamp installations, 12 or 14 AWG cable must be used to maintain compliance with National Electric Code. Please consult the ArcLamp installation manual for information on this.
      • Enter the wire length from the driver to the farthest ArcLamp. You can select this value in feet or meters.
      • Select the wire material you plan to use. In most cases, this will be copper.
      • Press the ‘Calculate’ button.

      To determine acceptable cable sizes for ArcLamp Driver applications, please review the ArcLamp System Installation Manual. For F-Drive applications, find accepted cable sizes in the R12 Installation Manual.

      The ArcLamp Volt Drop Calculator tool is intended to be used for guidance only. Actual results vary depending on external factors, such as cable integrity.

    • ArcLamp Factory Configuration Option

      If you have ordered factory configuration of your ArcLamp system and have received a notification to submit a setup form, please download the following PDF file and submit via email to


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