ArcLamp in a Row

Go LED-elegantly.

When quality light and smooth dimming are your priorities, ArcLamp is your LED solution. The compact, 4.4-watt LED ArcLamp provides up to 90% energy savings and stepless dimming from 100% to absolute zero and back again - without compromising on aesthetics or light quality.

ArcLamp is the perfect energy-efficient lamp for chandeliers, sconces, wall lights, proscenium lights and more, with options including candle and globe forms, E12, E14, E26, E27, B15, and B22 bases, as well as clear and frosted finishes.

ArcLamp and its Fade to Warm technology have received the following accolades:

  • IES Progress Report Selection
  • ABTT Lighting Product of the Year
  • PLASA Sustainability Award
  • PLASA Innovation Award

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ArcLamp Fade to Warm

Go LED – inconspicuously.

Want to match your LEDs to existing incandescent light bulbs and lamps? The optional Fade to Warm feature technology inside the lamp mimics incandescent red shift by warming the light as it dims. Your audience will never know the difference – but your energy bill will.

Go LED – with style.

Create a warm candle effect in your space with the ArcLamp Flicker variant. Available in the 2700 K Fade to Warm option, the Flicker version randomly flickers to imitate candlelight. The Flicker lamps have the flexibility to also be used at constant brightness by adjusting the DMX value on its single control channel.

Go LED – easily.

Whether you are retrofitting your space or building a new one, ArcSystem streamlines your project. The ArcLamp can connect to its remote power supply using the wires from existing incandescent luminaires, eliminating the need for invasive re-wiring.

ArcLamp Driver Family
Fast and easy installation

The DMX-controlled, convection-cooled ArcLamp Driver includes onboard device management with up to four individually addressable outputs per driver, ensuring fast and simple installation. ArcLamp Drivers are easy to install and controlled by DMX and configured via RDM. They are available in three sizes, supporting 25, 60, or 120 individual ArcLamps, providing a perfect 40W lamp replacement. All drivers are available as wall-mounted solutions, while the 350 and 700 drivers are also available as rack-mounted options.