See broadcast-quality ETC lighting and rigging at NAB 2017

Date Posted: 4/19/2017

Source Four LED system

ETC is gearing up for the 2017 NAB Show, which will take place from April 24th through 27th, in Las Vegas. ETC’s stand, C4342, will be the place to be to experience the latest in studio lighting and rigging. 

Source Four LED system

Get the highest-quality LED lighting for any position in your studio with the Source Four® LED system. The Source Four LED Series 2 luminaire is available in three arrays: Lustr® for the most expansive palette of bold colors, and Daylight HD and Tungsten HD, which were designed specifically for studio use, providing color-spectrum-specific, natural, tunable white light. Their handy flicker-free mode was designed for use with high-speed and rolling-shutter cameras, for a flawless look on camera.

There are also a range of accessories, fixed-focus and zoom lens tubes, and adapters that transform Source Four LED fixtures into tools that can be used for a variety of applications on set or on location. The Fresnel adapter allows the light engines to create soft washes with smooth coverage. With the CYC adapter, you can light up a backdrop with vibrant colors or dial in soft pastels and pure white light. 

Source 4WRD

Source 4WRD

If you have an inventory of tungsten Source Four fixtures, you can modernize them to save time and increase efficiency. Using no additional tools, you can simply swap out their burner assemblies with Source 4WRD™ LEDs. “Without losing the camera-quality light or superior optics you love about the Source Four,” says Fixtures Product Manager Jim Uphoff, “the Source 4WRD can save you 70 percent of the power. Its power draw is just 155 watts, but it matches the brightness of a 575-watt extended-life HPL lamp.”

ColorSource family

ColorSource family

ETC’s ColorSource® family brings advanced LED lighting and plug-and-play setup to studios with limited budgets. ColorSource Spot, PAR, and Linear LED luminaires have color capabilities that go well beyond that of other four-color LEDs. Their unique RGB-Lime emitter mix creates natural-looking light, both on camera and off. They also run flicker-free in their high 25K mode.

The portable ColorSource and ColorSource AV lighting-control desks are the perfect fit for modern studios. They are available in two sizes with up to 40 or 80 total dimmers, LEDs and moving lights, with optional audiovisual capability. With just a flick of a fader, you can run effects, mix LED colors, control moving lights, and play back cues. The ColorSource AV console even lets you combine sound, lighting and visual media into the same playback. Just plug the ColorSources consoles in and start programming immediately. 

For difficult-to-reach lighting positions in your studio, the ColorSource Relay gives you data distribution, DMX transmission and power-switching, all in one wireless device. With minimal setup and no programming, the ColorSource Relay is a simple solution for small-system design.

Foundation Desk

Rigging systems

Whatever your budget or space layout, there’s an ETC rigging system that can meet your needs. At the NAB show, you can get demonstrations of the Foundation® Desk, a portable rigging control station that can be transported where you need it in a studio. It gives you 192 axes of control, and features a 17-inch, articulating touchscreen with HD resolution for clear viewing. Thanks to its fast processor and external monitor support, the Desk is ready for the next generation of software.

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