ETC debuts EchoTouch controller

Date Posted: 5/8/2018

At Lightfair 2018 ETC debuted EchoTouch, the perfect controller to create customized lighting looks for a variety of spaces. A stand-alone or integrated controller for ETC’s Echo line of architectural lighting solutions, EchoTouch also offers advanced lighting controls like sequence programming and color tuning, all from a 7-inch touchscreen.

The new EchoTouch

Combining three powerful capabilities into one elegant device, EchoTouch can:

  • Act as an interface into a standalone or integrated Unison Echo® control system
  • Provide status and control of all Echo products
  • Direct control DMX/RDM or sACN fixtures and devices

EchoTouch shines in all environments, whether it’s controlling lighting zones for general use, managing white-tuning, creating dramatic looks for restaurants and hotels, or creating a welcoming environment for museums, houses of worship, and more.

The graphics on the screen support customized layout and naming for any application. The touchscreen interface provides three standby modes to conserve screen life: displaying a user-provided logo, dim, and off; and returns instantaneously to normal functionality with any user interaction.

The new EchoTouch

Because EchoTouch is part of the Echo family it works flawlessly in an Echo control system. All Echo control and power products are compatible: control stations, responsive controls, interfaces – even Room Controllers and Echo Relay Panels. Integration and control for DMX and sACN fixture and devices is also straightforward.

Building managers can use EchoTouch to program Echo zones and preset looks so day-to-day use of a space is easy. Special sequences can easily be created via the intuitive interface with easy-to-use faders and buttons displayed on a vibrant 7-inch screen. Native RDM for discovery of connected fixtures makes discovering and managing lighting fixtures even easier. Color control is simple and accessible with a color picker and customizable color chips to let users take full advantage of their system.

The stylish, sleek, and durable design is built to hold up to daily use and high-traffic areas. Its modern style matches common architectural finishes, and it’s designed to be neutral to fit anywhere. The black glass front is offered in four bezel colors: Cream, Gray, White, and Black.