ETC brings rigging to Europe and the Middle East

Date Posted: 6/9/2015

ETC at Stage Set Scenery

ETC has been an expert in entertainment lighting for some 40 years and now we're bringing our renowned expertise and service levels to the world of rigging in Europe and the Middle East. We're introducing our range of overhead stage equipment - from regular rigging hoists to display banner hoists - that is perfectly suited for anything from theaters and studios to shopping centers, arenas and stadiums.

Designed to accommodate customers' budgets, ETC Rigging™ wire-rope winches are all packaged products, making them easy to specify and install. And along with our dealers, we are committed to supporting your choice with our acclaimed customer service and technical support, making sure you get the best out of your equipment.

ETC Vortek rigging system

Fixed- and variable-speed Prodigy® hoists, such as EXO and P75 , allow the right winch to be mounted anywhere; while Foundation® , QuickTouch® , and QuickTouch+® controllers allow active monitoring of the system. We also offer custom Vortek® heavy-lift, high-lift and high-speed rigging solutions. 

Every winch is easily adjusted for a variety of standard layouts, with multiple mounting options and capacities from 360kg to 1500kg (794 to 3,307lbs). Each is checked under full load before it leaves the factory to ensure its integrity, and every electrical component and feature is tested before being packed and shipped. 

QuickTouch, QuickTouch+ and Foundation are a line of handheld or wall-mounted control points. Their simple, easy-to-use interfaces offer extensive operational and safety feedback features, including push and hold-to-run controls, dead man's handles and slack-rope detection, as well as other complex monitoring and reporting.

ETC Foundation rigging controller

Erik Larsen, senior product manager for ETC Ltd, says: "ETC Rigging has made a big impression on the US market since 2009, and we are pleased to announce that Europe and the Middle East will have access to the same top-quality equipment, controls, service levels and design expertise. Every piece of equipment has been designed with ease of use in mind. Each piece of equipment comes with 24-hour, 365 days-per-year customer support for which we've become famous, meaning that whatever happens, wherever you are in the world, our knowledgeable technical staff is always at the end of a phone line."