ETC adds a touch of magic to Aladdin in Hamburg

Date Posted: 2/27/2017

Eos Ti

In late 2015, the stage musical Aladdin, based on the world-famous and Oscar-winning Disney movie, celebrated its European premiere in Hamburg, Germany. The production, which features a lighting control desk and luminaires from ETC, has continued to wow audiences at the 1800-seat Neue Flora theatre for more than a year, and scooped the 2016 Live Entertainment Award for “Best Show”.

The lighting design for Aladdin comes from the highly acclaimed Natasha Katz, whose credits include Tony Award-winning work on the Broadway productions of The Glass Menagerie, Once and Aida. Integral to creating an immersive audience experience in the oriental fairy tale is an opulent light show – comprising 200 ETC conventional Source Four® fixtures and 120 moving lights. “The Source Four fixtures from ETC impress with a clean, white beam and a projection quality that has set standards in theatrical lighting, even on this elaborate production of Aladdin,” says the show’s lighting director, Stephan Mumme. "The light quality is first-class and you can really depend on ETC fixtures. They required very little maintenance, and we’ve been doing up to eight shows a week for an entire year."


The flagship lighting console from ETC, the Eos Ti®, was selected for this magnificent production. The desk offers a combination of powerful hardware, easy-to-navigate software and an array of attractive features, but it’s the Magic Sheets that particularly appeal to Mumme: "With the graphical representation of the lighting plan, you can easily see an overview. If a device does not work properly, you can find it much faster."