ETC Response SnapBack Massively Expands System Presets

Date Posted: 3/5/2024

Response SnapBack

ETC’s new Response SnapBack device expands any ETC control system (Paradigm, Echo, Mosaic, Echoflex and even Eos) by adding recorded sACN preset looks for easy recall. Venues can use it to maximize all the capabilities of their color-changing LED fixtures, recalling vibrant looks with ease.

 “Venues have invested in LEDs and want to get the most out of them, creating special looks for special events,” says Shawn Fernandez, Architectural Controls Product Manager at ETC. “With SnapBack, it’s easy to create an amazing look and recall it from any of ETC’s switches or stations.”

Each SnapBack device can store and recall up to 10 multi-parameter static looks across 10 universes of addresses. Users can get as creative as they want, designing look upon look, because multiple devices can be “stacked” for each system. Paradigm and Mosaic systems can store multiple presets across 500 universes. For Echo systems, systems can use 2 devices per each EchoTouch or Echo Integration Interface in a programmed space for 20 universes of playback, or two separate spaces for 10 presets of 10 universes in each. With SnapBack, users can fill every space with color-changing LEDs and still have the capacity to capture every look they want.

SnapBack is available in DIN rail and rack-mount form factors. Device configuration is easy using ETC’s Concert software or directly on the device. Once configured, preset record and playback can all be achieved remotely using UDP input to the device, allowing it to pair perfectly with ETC’s control systems.