ETC ColorSource PARs provide flexibility for Belgium’s Dommelhof Neerpelt Theatre

Date Posted: 2/9/2016

Dommelhof Neerpelt Theatre

The Dommelhof Theatre in the northeastern Belgian town of Neerpelt has invested in 36 ETC ColorSource® PAR LED fixtures , with help from ETC's dealer for the Benelux countries, FACE. The lighting is already being used as a fixed installation in the building's atrium and as a flexible addition to the main lighting rig.

The atrium space, with eight of the fixtures, is primarily used for rock 'n' roll and jazz events, and occasionally for theater shows, so the fixtures needed to be suitable for as wide a range of applications as possible. The remaining 28 units will be used to expand the lighting system in the main theater space and to improve its existing setup. 

Head of Technical Services Tom Vandermeulen

Says Tom Vandermeulen, head of Technical Services at Dommelhof Neerpelt: "The ColorSource PARs are very user-friendly in comparison to our traditional tungsten fixtures. Previously, it took us a lot more time to change the colors, and we used additional fixtures for effects. Now, we can do everything with just these - they're a lot easier to work with."

Vandermeulen adds that he used to need four fixtures to create a similar result that they can now achieve with one. "The LED color-mixing with additional lime emitters makes it easy to work with, making them very good value for the money, and suitable for a wide variety of shows."

Dommelhof Neerpelt Theatre

ETC ColorSource luminaires were first introduced only a year ago, and have already been a hit with venues that needed small, bright, low-energy lamps that wouldn't blow their budget. At Dommelhof Neerpelt, they were first used for the annual Theater op de Markt festival, which in 2015 was a circus-theater event in which stories were told by means of acrobatics, music, dance and comedy.  

"The crew was very happy with the performance," comments Filip De Clerck, sales and communication assistant at FACE, which supplied the fixtures. "They're looking forward to using them in even more elaborate shows."

Photos courtesy of Dommelhof Neerpelt