Ion training Ireland

  • ETC's Eos family of consoles provides power that is elegant, approachable, and scalable. These hands-on training events will give you the opportunity to explore firsthand the features and functions of these powerful control systems.

    These classes are taught by lighting designer Kevin Smith. The sessions will include the use of Ion Classic, the new Ion XE and the Element consoles. During the 2 day courses you will be introduced to the basics and nuances of this high-level control system and you will leave with more confidence in using your ETC console.

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    Ion Fundamentals
    The course will give you a solid foundation of console operation and prepare you to expand your skills.
    You’ll learn about Ion’s major functions and how to navigate the desks with ease.
    This course is intended for those with a background in lighting. It is suitable for those who have no
    experience with the EOS family series or for those who are self taught looking to improve their

    Key concepts covered include
    • Identify key elements of the desk’s user interface and navigation
    • Manage show files (save, edit, delete)
    • Patch conventional and multi-parameter fixtures
    • Work with channels in Live mode
    • Record, select and delete groups
    • Record, play and delete a basic cue
    • Record to, load and clear submasters
    • Create step-based effects
    • Understand the basics of working with a multi-parameter device (introductory concepts)

    Ion Intermediate
    Are you a current Eos family user who would like to better understand what the console and software
    are capable of? Have you mastered the basics and are you now ready to take your programming to the
    next level? This course is intended for participants who have taken a pervious course or who have a
    good working knowledge of the control system.

    Key concepts covered include
    • Patch moving lights and multi-parameter devices and edit device attributes, creating your own fixtures
    • Work with non-intensity parameters and their associated functions
    • Record and recall palettes and presets
    • Use Direct Select and ML Control Modules
    • Take advantage of discrete timing
    • Use Mark and/or Auto-Mark functions
    • Understand Update and its styles and modifiers
    • Create Relative and Absolute Effects
    • Create and use a magic sheet

    Ion Advanced Programming

    This course is designed for those who are well-versed in Eos®-family terminology, already know the layout of the desk, and are experienced as a conventional- and intelligent-fixture programmer. The Advanced Programming class builds on your knowledge, and discusses more advanced features of the console to help you program more efficiently.

    Key concepts covered include

    • Use, store and recall advanced displays
    • Use advanced patch functions, such as copying and moving show data, editing fixture profiles, and creating keywords
    • Use advanced selection and manual-control features in controlling channels
    • Define and use Highlight, Lowlight and custom RemDim
    • Use the fan function on encoders, the command line and for references
    • Control multiple-intensity fixtures
    • Apply and store filters
    • Use manual playback functions like Make Null, Make Manual, and Capture
    • Use advanced palette and preset modifiers
    • Use advanced cues, like Multipart and Multiple Cue lists
    • Create and use macros
    • Utilize intermediate Magic Sheet skills

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    Upcoming Sessions

    • 31 July & 1 August
      Project Dublin - Ion Intermediate
    • 15 & 16 August
      Mermaid Arts Centre Bray - Ion Fundamentals
    • 19 & 20 August
      The MAC Belfast - Ion Intermediate
    • 21 & 22 August
      The Lir Dublin - Ion Fundamentals
    • 23 & 24 August
      The Lir Dublin - Ion Intermediate
    • 26 & 27 August
      The Lir Dublin - Ion Advanced