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  • ETC's Eos family of consoles provides power that is elegant, approachable, and scalable. These hands-on training events will give you the opportunity to explore firsthand the features and functions of these powerful control systems.

    These classes are taught by lighting designer Kevin Smith. The sessions will include the use of Ion Classic, the new Ion XE and the Element consoles. During the courses you will be introduced to the basics and nuances of this high-level control system and you will leave with more confidence in using your ETC console.

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    Ion Level 1: Essentials

    The course will give you a solid foundation of console operation and prepare you to expand your skills.

    You’ll learn about Ion’s major functions and how to navigate the desks with ease.

    This course is intended for those with a background in lighting. It is suitable for those who have no experience with the EOS family series or for those who are self taught looking to improve their proficiency.

    The class will provide an overview of the console and programming for conventional fixtures as well as movers and LED fixtures. If new to the console, then this class is perfect. Whether transitioning to an Eos family console or a new console owner, this class will teach the basics to get the programmer up and running with this versatile console.


    Key concepts covered include

    Patch conventional and multi-parameter fixtures

    Work with channels in Live mode

    Work with basic display navigation

    Record, select, and delete Groups

    Record to, load, and clear Submasters

    Record, play, and delete Cues

    Understand Tracking versus Cue Only as well as Block and Assert

    Control non-intensity parameters at a basic level

    Apply additional cue features such as Delay, Auto-Follow and Loop

    Use Park efficiently

    Evaluate and make changes in Setup

    Create simple step-based Effects


    Ion Level 2: Enhanced

    Are you a current Eos family user who would like to better understand what the console and software are capable of?  Have you mastered the basics and are you now ready to take your programming to the next level? This course is intended for participants who have taken a pervious course or who have a good working knowledge of the control system.  This class will provide a more in-depth look at basic operations and working with multi-parameter devices on an Eos family console.


    Key concepts covered include

    Edit device attributes

    Understand display layouts and workspaces

    Record and recall Snapshots

    Create more elaborate Groups

    Be more effective using Submaster properties

    Record and recall Palettes and Presets

    Set up and use Direct Selects

    Understand and use Update, Auto-Mark, and other cue attributes

    Take advantage of Discrete Timing and Multipart cues

    Create and use Relative and Absolute Effects

    Feel comfortable with configuration and test functions in the Shell

    Create and use a basic Magic Sheet


    Ion Level 3: Intermediate

    This course is designed for those who are well-versed in Eos®-family terminology, already know the layout of the desk, and are experienced as a conventional- and intelligent-fixture programmer. This class is intended to build on your knowledge, and make you faster.


    Key concepts covered include

    Use, store, and recall advanced displays

    Use advanced patch functions, such as copying and moving show data, editing fixture profiles, and creating keywords

    Use advanced selection and manual control features

    Define and use Highlight, Lowlight, and custom RemDim

    Use the fan function on encoders, the command line, and for references

    Control multiple-intensity fixtures

    Apply and store filters

    Use manual playback functions like Make Null, Make Manual, Capture

    Use advanced palette and preset modifiers

    Use advanced cues, like Multipart, and multi-list

    Create and use Macros

    Utilize intermediate Magic Sheet skills


    Ion Level 4: Proficient

    This course is designed for those who are well-versed in Eos®-family terminology, already know the layout of the desk, and are experienced as a conventional- and intelligent-fixture programmer. The Advanced Programming class builds on your knowledge, and discusses more advanced features of the console to help you program more efficiently.


    Key concepts covered include

    Use advanced palette and preset modifiers

    Create more complex Macros

    Understand and work with multiple cue lists and multiple cue list playback

    Feel comfortable with the Cue List index and its properties

    Take advantage of the three states of Capture

    Understand Priority settings

    Be more effective using Fader Configuration

    Use the virtual faders and playback filters

    Take advantage of the Fixture Profile Editor

    Understand and use the various color spaces and tools of the Color Picker 

    Eos family - Amplify

    Amplify is a new 1-day training course for the Eos family of consoles. 

    The course takes the skills and techniques learned in Level 1 & Level 2 console training and adds a new layer of context to the learning outcomes. When people attend the regular training, they often come away know how to record a Beam Palette, but not always knowing why they should and how the features that they have learned can help to speed up the programming process. Amplify aims to address this by offering the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’.

    In order to attend an Amplify session, it is highly recommended that you have attended the Level 1 and Level 2 Basic Training offered by ETC and you should have been using the console for at least

    6 months. Before your session, you will be sent an information package and you will be expected to prepare a show file that you will use in the Amplify sessions which you will need to bring along.

    Please note that there will be no time in the Amplify session to create your show file – you will have to have prepared it in advance. We will also not be covering any of the training topics covered in Levels 1 & 2 training in this session.

    By the end of the session attendees can hope to have:

    • Improved show file preparation skills

    • Be more efficient in the setup of the console before they start programming

    • Be a more proficient programmer

    • Vastly improved work flow

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    Upcoming Sessions

    • All upcoming training sessions have currently been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Please check back on this website for updates or contact if you have any further questions.