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    2020 Program Update

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, selected students will not be sent to the LDI tradeshow in 2020. However, we still plan to conduct the mentorship part of the program. Each student who is selected for the 2020 program will be paired with an industry mentor for support for at least a year. This is a unique and valuable opportunity for students to establish their careers under the guidance of a seasoned lighting professional.

    We will provide updates as we solidify the plan for how mentorship will work for the 2020 program. 

    A few words about the student mentorship from past recipients:

    “I can say confidently that the mentorship experience was and is essential in my post-graduate life. I have made countless connections and have received generous help from my mentors in terms of portfolios, resumes, and career advice.” - Aria Sivick

    “The individual mentorship program has already made a big impact in my life and career. Having a mentor that can advise, listen, and help support me in the first few years of my career is an opportunity that few students will get.” - Ben J. Golden

    About the Fred Foster Student Mentorship Program

    ETC was founded by a group of college students and has grown into a global leader in lighting and rigging technology. Throughout his career, ETC Founder and CEO Fred Foster recognized the significance of mentorship in any lighting professional’s career. Yet, he understood how challenging it is to establish connections with potential mentors.

    The Fred Foster Student Mentorship Program aims to encourage young talent, the future of the industry, by introducing them to mentors who will help elevate their careers. Since 1999, this program has given students an experience they can’t get anywhere else during an all-expense-paid trip to the LDI tradeshow, North America’s largest stage technology tradeshow. This program is just one way that Fred’s legacy lives on.

    Who can apply?
    • Graduate students working toward a master’s degree or PhD
    • Students in their final year of undergraduate courses at the university level at the time of the LDI tradeshow
    • Students from outside of North America who are pursuing a university degree in lighting design, theatre technology or a related field

    *Please note that ETC does not provide translators, so applicants must have a high command of both written and spoken English.

    How does the mentorship work?

    Some of the biggest names in the industry volunteer to be a mentor to sponsorship recipients. Each mentor is paired with a student to provide support, advice, and encouragement for at least a year after LDI ends. They help prepare the sponsorship recipients for their future careers and guide them into the working world.

    Applications are closed for the 2020 program.

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